ALSAIF Law Firm Assistance with Iraqi Ministries

Iraqi Ministry of Finance

The General Tax Authority and the General Customs Directorate are the most crucial divisions within the Ministry of Finance. With the assistance of our firm and a group of Iraqi accountants, who are qualified we assist companies in tax returns. Our policy is that we follow up on our clients' daily and monthly account records and offer legal and financial advice on how taxes are calculated in Iraq, and provide full tax protection. We also could assist with the Iraqi Customs Directorate by offering legal consultation and assisting in issuing import and export permits. Be sure that we are fully prepared to support your imports and exports.

Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals

In addition to offering our legal services for registering trademarks and intellectual property rights within the registration department of the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals, ALSAIF Law Firm offers services to investors who wish to conduct partnership contracts within the Ministry of Industry and benefit from the investment atmosphere. Supporting investors includes assisting them in registering their projects with the Department of Development and Industrial Ministry and offering all necessary services for them to purchase sulphur, glass, phosphates, and other products produced by the Ministry of Industry.

Iraqi Ministry of Labor

Our Law Firm helps foreign companies prevent any contractual disputes with workers and fines imposed by the General Commission of Taxes or the Department of Social Security due to improper documentation of workers in accordance with Iraqi laws. This is done by issuing the correct work permits for both foreign and Iraqi employees and managing the payment of both the social security fees and direct deduction tax per the laws & regulations.

Iraqi Ministry of Commerce

The Companies Registration Office which is part of the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce is one of the main institutions that ALSAIF Law Firm deals with on almost daily bases to provide the necessary services to our clients such as branch registration, companies incorporation, mergers and acquisitions etc.

Iraqi Ministry of Health

ALSAIF Law Firm provides full support in obtaining the necessary licensing from the Iraqi Ministry of Health to import medical equipment and pharmaceutical products to Iraq along with the necessary registration with Kimadia (The State Company for Marketing Drugs and Medical Appliances) to enter tenders and contract with the Ministry.

Iraqi Ministry of Interior

Our firm can help with the issuance of residency permits and visas for foreigners. We can also assist in obtaining permits for weapons, communication equipment, armored vehicles and other permits necessary for foreign companies to conduct business in Iraq. Ministry of Oil.

Iraqi Ministry of Oil

Our firm can help investors and contractors with Iraqi Governmental Oil and Gas companies in relations to obtaining the necessary registrations and license from the Ministry of Oil along with assistance in partnering up with an Iraqi oil marketing company.

Iraqi Ministry of Defense

Among the services provided by our firm inside the ministry of Defence is the registration of companies within the ministry along with assisting in obtaining licensing for security companies.