AlSAIF Law is an Iraqi based law firm for assistance in Iraqi ministries

Iraqi Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce has associations dealing with commercial matters, including the Iraqi and foreign companies’ registration department, and these are from the services that ALSAIF Law Firm provides to their valued customers.

Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals

ALSAIF Law Firm provides services to investors wishing to fully support them in conducting partnership contracts - within The Ministry of Industry as well as providing our legal services in registering trademarks and intellectual rights with a registration department.

including supporting Iraqi investors by registering their projects with the Department of Development and industrial ministry providing all services to take over the Ministry of Industry products Sulfur, glass, phosphates, and other products of this ministry.

Iraqi Ministry of Defense

Among the services provided by this ministry is the registration of companies that deal in registration contracts within the ministry and the use of foreign permits related to the projects of these companies related to the Ministry of Defense.

Iraqi Ministry of Interior

These include foreign companies and the use of permits for weapons, communications equipment, and other permits related to these. as well as assisting in obtaining a visa for foreigners and contributing to the issuance of residency permits.

Iraqi Ministry of Oil

Contribute to helping investors participate in oil and gas investments, refineries, and other projects. Starting Off from the submission of the project until the Final registration of this project which is the registration of companies that want to associate with an oil marketing company.

Iraqi Ministry of Health

AlSAIF Law Firm provides full support to the investor wishing to establish pharmaceutical factories and exporters wishing to enter their products to Iraq by registering these drugs and obtaining full permission for this after completing the examination and registration process.

Iraqi Ministry of Labor

Our Law Firm Provides full support to the investor by documenting employment contracts in accordance with the provisions of Iraqi laws. most foreign companies have contractual problems as a result of their failure to comply with the contents of the Iraqi work contracts, ALSAIF Law Firm assist these companies in issuing work permits for foreign and Iraqi workers and in calculating security fees Social, according to the legal ratios.

Iraqi Ministry of Finance

Among the most important departments of this ministry are the General Tax Authority and the General Customs Directorate. With our Law Firm and the participation of our team of Iraqi legal accountants licensed to issue final accounts for companies and individuals, following up on the daily and monthly account records of clients, and providing legal and financial advice in the matter. How to calculate taxes in Iraq? as well as the case in the Iraqi Customs Directorate.

we are fully prepared to provide support to importers or exporters by providing customs consulting and issuance of import and export permits.