Mr. Saif Al-lami

Managing Partner

    With extensive expertise in litigation, national and international banks, non-profit organisations, governmental foreign investment businesses, and commercial and civil law, in addition to being the company's director, Saif is a licensed lawyer who is qualified to represent clients in all types of Iraqi courts, including the Federal, Commercial, and Administrative Courts. He has worked with both domestic and foreign corporations and has testified as an expert lawyer in an arbitration case before the International Chamber of Commerce France.

Tareq Al lami

Senior Partner

    Mr. Tariq has been in the legal profession since 1971 and has extensive experience in corporate, commercial, and civil law. He has 40 years of legal experience and has handled numerous successful lawsuits. Mr. Tariq is capable of representing clients in legal proceedings before courts of all levels (including the Federal, Commercial, and Administrative Courts). He has also served on the court's expert panel since 1991 and has been a certified company register since 1978.

Haider Al-Zubaidi

Senior Partner

    An Iraqi lawyer with legal experience in the UK, Europe, the US, Singapore, South Korea, and the Middle East. He communicates fluently in both English and Arabic. Mr. Alzubaidi is an expert in the preparation of civil and commercial contracts in both English and Arabic. He also has exceptional international legal research skills. His international legal experience has prepared him to deal with complex and diverse legal issues on a local and international scale. Since 1995, he has been a member of the Iraqi Bar Association and an academic.

Dr Raad Ali

Monitoring Department Manager

    Due to his 18 years of combined expertise in legal human resources, Dr. Raad is regarded as the pioneer and creator of our management initiatives. His abilities have enabled him to provide satisfactory legal services to our clients.

Thoalfakar AlChalaby


    A qualified Iraqi lawyer with over 17 years of legal experience in the United Kingdom, specializing in business, civil, and commercial law. He is also a skilled legal interpreter and translator in both English and Arabic. In the United Kingdom, he worked with immigration, supporting immigrants, and as a legal advisor.

Mr. Ahmed Abaas Alwan


    A litigator who is permitted to practice in all courts. He has a strong background in corporate law, as well as exceptional legal skills that have allowed him to succeed in both civil and commercial disputes. A member of the Iraqi Bar Association since 2017; qualified to appear in all courts.

Ms. Raqad Fawzi


    Member of the Iraqi Bar Association since 1997. She has a focus on corporate law and is authorised to appear in all courts. Mrs. Raghad is a litigation lawyer with over 13 years of experience, as well as a licensed company registration agent with experience in both civil and commercial matters. She also works on a variety of projects and provides investors with advice on the best legal structure and compliance.

Satar Jabbar Hassab


    A retired legal civil servant with more than 30 years of legal experience. Mr.Satar is familiar with the bylaws, which are regarded as the fundamental regulations that control the activities of the Iraqi Ministries, and is qualified to provide investors with proper legal counsel on all matters relevant to the Iraqi Ministries. He is also a practicing lawyer.

Zahraa Al Lami


Abdullah Lami


    A paralegal who is both organized and dynamic. He has a thorough understanding of how various international legal systems work as a result of his studies in economics, law, and finance at the University College Dublin International. His excellent communication skills in both English and Arabic have helped us provide exceptional legal services to clients from all over the world, in addition to helping our organization grow both internally and externally.

Zainab A. Hammad

Administrative Assistant