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ALSAIF Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services and has the expertise to assist you in addressing and dealing with the diverse and complex issues related to establishing, structuring and running your business Iraq. OUR SERVICES ABOUT US

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Intellectual property and trademark law in Iraq

We provide comprehensive consultation regarding the trademarks, and copyrights No.21 for the year 1957 (amended). Especially in the creation, usage and protection of relevant intellectual property rights and their registration in the ‘Trademark Registry’ which is verified by the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

Establishment of companies in Iraq and work permits

All companies start their business in any country around the world by first registering their legal entity in the form of a (joint-stoke company, individual company, limited liability company, or other types of companies) according to the laws of the country they are planning to start in.

Tax and customs services and the Iraqi labour law work.

We advise our clients in planning and structuring their businesses in accordance with the Iraqi legislation and guidelines regarding taxes and customs to prevent any legal issues arising from not fully understanding the laws and achieve tax efficiency.

Pleading in all court
levels in Iraq

Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, Federal Court, Commercial Court and Administrative Court.
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Our team works carefully with hand – picked from legal practitioners across the globe who strive to provide the best level of service with capability and high efficiency.

Featuring members of our office, known for their integrity and diligence, hard work and the ability to assess the situation and provide legal services efficiently and quickly and coupled with our ability to find innovative solutions to any scenario.

We have the ability and methodology to provide services within the framework in all legal aspects.